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1 Hotel Review Rating Classification
Authors: Neeraja Machha, Siva Geddam, Dr M Madhusudhana Subramanyam, Cherukupalli Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Sruthi Maneedu, Dr S.S.Aravinth
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09030106    
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2 A Model for the Detection and Prevention of Anomalies in Block chain
Authors: Ezekiel,P. S., Bennett, E. O.
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09030715    
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3 Smart Watch Fraud Detection System Using Machine Learning and Internet of Things
Authors:Philips Seth .O., Igbe C.M., Amanze B.C., Agbasonu V.C., Agbakwuru A.O
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09031623    
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4 Assessment of the hydraulic analysis capability of the HY-8 software on the design of simple culverts. A case study of the box culvert located along the federal college of Education access road, Umunze, Nigeria
Authors: Ndubuisi Christopher Nnaemeka, Izinyon, Osadolor Christopher
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09032432    
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5 Development of model for an intelligent agent-based student support system
Authors: Ovwonuri Abraham Oghenemega, Amanze Bethran Chibuike, Agbasonu valerian chinedum, Agbakwuru. A. Onyekachi
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09033337    
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6 An Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm for Parallel Searching and Synchronization
Authors: Bennett, E. O., Igiri, C. G.
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09033849    
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7 Fixed-time Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with External Disturbance under Antagonistic Network
Authors: Jing Han, Tao Li, Kaiyin Huang, Shihao Li
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09035056    
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8 Authenticated and Dynamic Websites: A Sure Control against Website Spoofing Attacks
Authors: Onyeacholem Ifeanyi Joshua, Omede Edith Ugochi
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09035760    
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9 Synthesis of-3-Hydroxy-3-Propyl-1-p-Sulphonato (Soduim Salt) Phenyl Triazene
Authors: Dr Raziya Zabeen
DOI:  10.35629/9795-09036162    
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