Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering
ISSN : 2321 - 8193

Volume 4 ~ Issue 1

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# Article Title
2 Optimization of Hydraulic Designfor Integrated Water Supply Managementin Nigeria
Authors: Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE
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3 Application Of Cost Control To Construction Projects
Authors: Opara Hyginus Emeka
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4 Numerical Analysis of Wheel Forces of a KTX Vehicle on a PSC Box Bridge
Authors: Soon-Taek Oh, Dong-Jun Lee, Da-Jeong Moon
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5 Utilization Of Concrete Panels With Reinforced From Bamboo Petung Indonesia For Irrigation Water Gate
Authors: Nanang Saiful Rizal, Agung Nilogiri, Totok Dwi Kuryanto, Khairul Anwar
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6 Results and observations of natural and artificial lighting, in the homes produced in series in Ciudad Juárez
Authors: Emma Angelica Medina García, Damaris Abigail Horta González
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7 Analyzing Methods of Prefabrication and their Application in the Construction of Habitat for Humanity Housing
Authors: Sabrina Senninger, Tamer Breakah
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8 Design, manufacture and simulation of Seismic Isolation Device for a Low Level Axial Load
Authors: Gustavo Gioacchini, Miguel Eduardo Tornello, Carlos Daniel Frau
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