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CURRENT ISSUE : Volume 5 ~ Issue 2

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1 Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity –Determining Expansion Mitigation in Mortar Bars through the Accelarated Method
Authors: CAMPOS, Marco Antonio, PAULON, Vladimir Antonio, ARGOLLO FERRÃO, André Munhoz de
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2 An Intelligent Facade System with Active Thermal Protection for Insulation Systems with Water or Air as Heat-Transfer Medium
Authors: Associate Prof. Ing. Daniel Kalús, PhD., Prof. Ing. Ján Takács, PhD., Associate Prof. Ing. Zuzana Straková, PhD. Ing. Matej Kubica
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3 Ditches, urban scars in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua
Authors: Lidia Sandoval Rivas, Emma Angelica Medina García
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4 Analysis of the Relation between Air Flow and Temperature in High-rise Eco-friendly ApartmentDesignconsidering Climate Change Adaptation
Authors: Naining Liu,Jeong-Ah Kim
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5 Solid Waste Management - Case Study
Authors: Amir Hussain Rather, Tajamul Ara
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6 Research on the development Trend of BIM Technology based on patent measurement
Authors: Ma Yanfei
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7 Building Information Modeling (BIM) – A Game Changer in Indian AECO Industry
Authors: U Hemanth Kumar, B Sudharshan Reddy
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8 A study of method of reverberation-ray matrix for buckling of orthotropic multi-span plates
Authors: J. Y. Zhong, G. H. Nie
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