Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering
ISSN : 2321 - 8193

Volume 6 ~ Issue 9

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1 How Urban Form and Activities Affect Travel Pattern in Kano Metropolitan City
Authors: Mohammed Aliyu
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2 Performance Analysis of Solid Timber Columns Laminated or Sprayed With Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Using Finite Element Method (FEM)
Authors: S. I. Bajahry, K.U.Unamba, L.N. Dugguh, B.H.S. Amartey, E. S. Nwajagu, O.S. Abejide
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3 Study on Reservoir Damage Mechanism and Prediction of Damage Parameters
Authors: Ren Xidong, Tian Jingwu
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4 Risk Management Maturity in Radjak Hospital Salemba Renovation Project
Authors: Abdullah
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5 Value Engineering of Architectural Work in Navalunit Building Planning,in West Papua
Authors: Dwi Dinariana, Hari Nugraha Nurjaman, Wiji Nurakhim
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6 Integration of phase change materials in building walls: Passive cooling
Authors: Marwa El Yassi, Ikram El Abbassi, Yannick Mélinge, Alexandre Pierre
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7 Importance of Postmodern Architecture on Culturally Sustainable Designs
Authors: Sa'ad Abubakar Raji, Mohammed Aliyu
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1 Readiness and Influence of Value Engineering Implementation at the Construction Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia (Case Study of Belawan Hospital Construction)
Authors: Resi Bismantara, Dwi Dinariana, Arman Jayady, Fitri Suryani, Hari Nugraha
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2 Risk Management Of Road Segment Long Preservationon Time Performance
Authors: Fitri Suryani, Dwi Dinariana, Adria Febrian
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3 Construction Implementation Aspects on the Time Performance of the Slope Handling Projects of the Rampa Poriaha/Mungkur Road Segment Progress Related To Time Management
Authors: Heppy Sulastri Pulungan,Hari Nugraha Nurjaman,FitriSuryani
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4 Perceptions of attributable factors for clients' satisfaction in building construction Projects in Nigeria
Authors: Ajayi Oluwole Oluwaseun, Yakub Babatunde Abiodun
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5 Thermal conductivity of insulating materials: An overview
Authors: Sooriyalakshmi. N, Jane Helena. H
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