Journal of Software Engineering and Simulation
ISSN (o) : 2321 - 3795   ISSN (p) : 2321 - 3809

Volume 8 ~ Issue 6

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1 Turbulence Motion Model Analysis around Airport Runway
Authors: R Gernowo, M. Irham N., K. Sofyan F., Udi H
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08060106    
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2 Assessment of the Impact of Different Queuing Techniques on Different Network Traffic Services
Authors: Hayder Rahm Dhakheel AL-Fayyadh
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08060715    
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3 Effects of Black Pepper, Tumeric, Corriander and Their Combination as Supplementary Antioxidants on Haematological, Serum Biochemical Indices and Sensory Evaluation of Broiler Turkeys
Authors: Isaac Samuel, Florence Yemisi Samuel, Elijah Ameh, Oluwatobi Oyedeji
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08061620    
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4 Glass Waste Powder as Partial Replacement of Cement
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08062122    
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5 Efficient Security Mechanisms for Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) for IoT
Authors: Bharti Rana, Yashwant Singh, Ravleen Singh
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08062342    
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6 A Model of an Adaptive Training System for Crude Oil Fractional Distillation Using Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Ebenibo Ineba Hannah, Anireh V.I.E, Taylor O.E.
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08064347    
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7 E-Voting Framework Utilizing Blockchain Technology & Multi Factor Authentication
Authors: Prof. Shaheen Mujawar, Ms. Sakshi B, Ms. Keerti, Ms. Jytoti, Ms. Ruhama
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08064852    
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