Journal of Research in Applied Mathematics
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 0743   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0735

Volume 7 ~ Issue 11

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# Article Title
1 A Mathematical Model of Decision-Making of Airport Taxi Drivers
Authors: Lili Wang
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2 Magnetic Field Effect on the Onset of Thermosolutal Convection of an Elastico-Viscous Nanofluid in Porous Medium
Authors: Sudhir Kumar Pundir, Mukul Kumar, Rimple Pundir
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3 Modeling of Covid-19 cases and deaths in Uruguay with different, nonlinear growth models
Authors: Şenol Çelik
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4 Certain Transformations and Summations of Basic Hypergeometric Series
Authors: Dr. Brijesh Pratap Singh
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5 Ideal Elements in Ordered Semigroups
Authors: Marapureddy Murali Krishna Rao, Rajendra kumar kona
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6 Some Existence Theorems for Functional Equation Arising In Two Person Zero-Sum Multistage Game
Authors: Dr. Pranita Jena
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7 The de-Sitter Model with Dark Energy
Authors: Prashant R. Dhongle
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8 Positive Periodic Solutions for a Nonlinear Delay Difference Equation
Authors: Meng Hu
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9 Power Series Solutions of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation Using Frobenius Method
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10 Positive Solution to Singular Sixth–Order Differential System with Variable Parameters
Authors: B. Kovacs
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11 Statistical Time-Series Forecast via Microsoft Excel (FORECAST.ETS) Built-In Function
Authors: Dewi Rahardja
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